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«...An extraordinary version... An Adagio opening of exquisit profoundness…»  
[Diario de Sevilla]     

But striking is certainly the sonata in three movements, at least when it is played as brilliantly as was the case at Bru. (Poulenc violin sonata) [***** Stavanger Aftenblad]

The interpretation we received demonstrated the density and intensity of his work, the inner excitement and all drizzle of national coloring that the work contains. (Babadjanyan Piano Trio) [***** Stavanger Aftenblad]

«The precision is exquisite, without one note ceasing to be related to the other …» [Stavanger Aftenblad]

«Together with Estellés and Hoffman, the director of the festival signed a Trio Op.114 of Brahms with simple and well-articulated lines …» [El Correo de Andalucía / Pantalla sonora]


«Palko and Forsberg nailed a Schubert's Fantasia for four-hands of an extraordinary emotional intensity and formal delicacy, accentuating ...» [El Correo de Andalucía Pantalla sonora]


«Not a single note leaves the stage with vagueness or without form, without sense or use ...» [Stavanger Aftenblad]


«…a version of Schubert's Fantasy of extraordinary intensity, passionate, tense and highly contrasted (admirable transitions, especially the fugue  of the last movement when the main theme returns, played with an infinite sweetness), an exiting version... » [Diario de Sevilla]


"As on previous occasions, Palko showed herself as a major pianist, with an enormous sensitivity and a keen sense of the expressiveness of each passage." [Diario de Sevilla]


«Palko, always bright and precise ...» [Diario de Sevilla]


«... An extraordinary version ... An opening Adagio of a deep exquisiteness ...» [Diario de Sevilla]


«Another merit of the director of the festival is her exceptional and delicate pianism, demonstrated in each edition …» [El Correo de Andalucía / Pantalla sonora]



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