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"International Chamber Music Festival Joaquín Turina" is celebrated every second year in Seville, Spain. Its 5th edition was named the second best musical event in Spain in 2015 by "El Cultural/El Mundo".

Webpage of the festival:


The International Chamber Music Festival Joaquín Turina, was celebrated for the sixth time between the 4th and 10th of September 2017, and is a cultural event of the highest International level, and takes its name from the Seville composer Joaquín Turina. 


The festival has achieved being a reference within the group of European Festivals of grand prestige. The main objective for the artistic direction is to transmit to a wide range of audience the cultural heritage of Andalusia through the chamber music works by the Seville composer Joaquín Turina, and to create and offer a project in Seville which makes the city a reference in the world of classical music and within the circle of prestigious International festivals, contributing to the city´s status as "City of the Music" given by UNESCO in 2006. 


The festival invites a group of individual, world acclaimed musicians from different countries to stay in Seville during 8 days to make chambermusic together, give master classes and take part in several of the festivals concerts in various chamber formations in many of the city's emblematic venues.


Festival Turina gives high importance to the aspect of teaching and the sincere transmission of knowledge between the artists and the young students. All invited musicians give master classes, the musicians participate as soloists and as part of the string orchestra together with the young musicians, and the festival also offer different workshops. A symphonic band was also created for the 5th festival with 80 young players participating from Seville.


By inviting several International musicians, the festival helps spreading the knowledge about the heritage of Joaquín Turina and his music to musicians who are not naturally in contact with this musical tradition. The same musicians will as a consequence after having visited the festival, bring the music of the composer to their respective countries and activities both in Europe, USA and Japan and serve as ambassadors of Turina and Seville.


It is also important for the festival to contribute to open doors to the International musical life by "inviting it" to Seville. Due to the International interest of the Festival, Radio Clásica España is recording the concerts, and they are being broadcasted in the European and American radio network.


The Festival Turina is created upon a private initiative of the artistic director Benedicte Palko, and holds the exclusive authorisation and support from the Family Turina. The President of Honour is the legendary, Hungarian cellist Janos Starker (In Memoriam).


Artists all 6 editions

As an Artistic Director and Founder, Benedicte has gained a reputation for unique program compositions and exceptional organizational skills. Benedicte ensures that every project and concert she organizes is truly remarkable.
"The Turina International Chamber Music Festival is a grand and wonderful experience. Pianist and director Benedicte Palko has the programming skills a head chef crafting the finest menu would envy. In addition, she has the uncanny ability to bring together the finest and most compatible musicians, resulting in outstanding, joyful music making for the audience and artists alike!"
James Dunham, viola, EEUU
reklame P&C


Two yearly chambermusic projects in Norway.

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