"The Turina International Chamber Music Festival is a grand and wonderful experience. Pianist and director Benedicte Palko has the programming skills a head chef crafting the finest menu would envy. In addition, she has the uncanny ability to bring together the finest and most compatible musicians, resulting in outstanding, joyful music making for the audience and artists alike!" James Dunham, viola, USA. Former Cleveland Quartet, Professor at Rice University.​


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VIOLINIST NICOLAS DAUTRICOURT is a Frenchman with style, and perhaps the most positive person on this earth! In addition, he plays divinely on his Stradivarius violin, and he is not scared to play jazz and Piazzolla either ...


Half of the year he travels around the world to play concerts, he has been in Seville up to several times, and he is a natural choice to create a bridge to Bru and open the ball for "Palko & Co."


Read more about Nicolas: www.nicolasdautricourt.com

CELLIST SALVADOR BOLÓN EDO, among friends just called "Voro", is one of Spain's most talented, young performers. I "found" him when he was a student of my chamber music class at «Musikene», and he has since become a dear friend and musical partner.


Voro is as positive as Nicolas, and a true chamber musician. He also works in the orchestra of "Palau de Les Arts" in Valencia, and is often invited to the London Symphony Orchestra with Simon Rattle.


Read more about Voro: https://www.festivalturina.com/salvadorbolon-en


Takk for en ubeskrivelig konsert på låven!

 “PALKO & Co” at KULTURBRUK 44/4

KULTURBRUK 44/4 is located on the island of Bru in Rennesøy, in a cultural landscape that extends from coast to coast, and with land that has been passed down through generations. The sky is high, the grass is good.


In 2009 I was the very first musical guest at KULTURBRUK 44/4, and now we´re celebrating the 10 years anniversary together. The time has come to invite musician friends from near and far home to an annual, musical happening: "PALKO & Co" at Bru. Nature, presence and warm people provide the very best chamber music environment, because "PALKO & Co" wants to reach the core of the music, free of trappings and superficial artist meetings.


"Co" symbolises all the necessary involvements to create a common music experience, everyone from musicians, supportive family and friends, hosts, sponsors, audience. "PALKO & Co" is not a "catwalk" for artists. "PALKO & Co" invites musicians whom have made an impact, whom I want the audience to experience, and musicians who want to experience together with the audience, and together with musical friends.

The concerts and musicians are few, but selected, and the gathering with the audience after the concerts creates an intimate and personal setting around the concerts. Litterature and flavours for the stomache will also form part of the future PALKO & Co.

Musicians love to play for a listening audience! What you know, or not know about music is less important, but listening to music is something most of us both can and do enjoy. In fact, this is also what the musicians are doing during the concerts, they listen - to the music, to each other, and to the audience. PALKO & Co requires no dress code and no concert rules!

Let´s stop time for a moment, and let the music and togetherness rule!


The venue, an old restored barn of 300 square meters, has been rebuilt for concerts and conferences. Throughout the three kilometer property, a path opened to the public in 2008. The path winds past cultural monuments, through forests and pastures. Along the path lies landscape art from the project "Horizons and Fragments", excellent for combining walk, art and music. The project was part of Stavanger's European Capital of Culture 2008. Here you can see the art along the walk.


Welcome to PALKO & Co!

Benedicte Palko, Artistic Director.

00:00 / 06:37

PIANIST BENEDICTE PALKO is born and raised in Stavanger, and she has completed several years of higher music studies in Oslo, Copenhagen and Bloomington, USA. Since 2002 she is a permanent residence in Seville, Spain. Chambermusic is her passion, and she cares strongly about connecting people through, and around music.  Since 2004 she teaches chambermusic at the Superior Conservatory of in the Basque Country, www.musikene.net. Her own chambermusic festival in Seville, www.festivalturina.com, has become one of Europe's most recognised, and now new experiences on Bru are waiting!


Read more about Benedicte:  www.benedictepalko.com

“Music speaks for itself - if we give it the chance.” 

(Yehudi Menuhin)


Clara Schumann: Piano trio, g-minor, op. 17 (1846)

Allegro moderato | Scherzo: Tempo di menuetto | Andante |Allegretto



Francis Poulenc: Sonata for violin and piano, FP 119 (1942-43)

Allegro con fuoco | Intermezzo. Très lent et calme | Presto tragico

Arno Babadjanyan: Piano trio, F#-Major (1952)

Largo-Allegro espressivo-Maestoso | Andante | Allegro Vivace


Trust us!


You do not need any musical knowledge to join the concert, and  we guarantee you won´t be leaving

"PALKO & Co" and KULTURBRUK 44/4 unaffected! 


The first concert in Project "PALKO & Co"

marks the 10 years anniversary of KULTURBRUK 44/4. This is celebrated with a 

summer party and music.


Tickets can be bought via the link below. 

It is also possible to buy ticktes at the concert venue from 18:00h.

Ticket price: 250 ,- NOK

Children under 18 years old: 125,- NOK




There is a big parking at KULTURBRUK 44/4, and the public is most welcome to take a seat in the hall half an hour before concertstart. Tickets can be purchased online, or at the entrance from 18:00.h. Easy access for wheelchairs.


Arriving by car is easiest. It takes about 20 minutes from Stavanger city center to Lomberveien 10, 4158 Bru. From E39 on Sokn, right after the tunnel, turn right towards Bru. Then first right. Drive 3 km to the pier at Bru. Keep right and follow signs for Kulturbruk 44/4.


After the concert, the audience is invited to a small get together for a snack and chat, which is greatly appreciated by the musicians and hosts! 


Lovely Inger Lise and Magnus !! Hosts and founders of KULTURBRUK 44/4.


Rarely do you feel so welcome as at Bru, as a musician, artist and audience. In environments that blend the everyday and the inexplicable, they foster that art and music can be a focal point, and create experiences that risk to do something with you as a human being...


It's good to be on Bru!



Brit Harstad Sværen

Very nice concert with Palko & Co at Bru last night! Nice program, skilled musicians, lots of people and good atmosphere!

Jan Inge Almås

Great concert! And the much talked about "grand piano at Bru", got out the best in itself, thanks to Benedicte Palko's distinctive ability to slip into the deeper layers of the hammers so that the beautiful ingredients emerged in rich flora. It should be said that the grand piano has clear weaknesses, it is old, but it is definitely the good qualities that for my part will be remembered from this concert! Benedicte managed to adapt to the instrument in an exemplary manner, and made it sing out into the barn!

Sigvart Østrem

Thanks for the nice concert with exciting program!

Ragnhild Oxfjell

It was great to be there, listening to the concert and feeling the nice atmosphere there! Everyone was so excited! A fantastic experience! Thanks to Palko & co! The concert was magical!

Tomas Nesheim

I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to next year.

Sigrid Bø Grønstøl

Wonderful music!

Mette Solheim

Fantastic consert!

Møyfrid Bjorland

Thank you for an undescribable concert in the barn!



Email: palkocobru@gmail.com

Organisationnumber: 923 314 873

Bank account:



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