"Music speaks for itself - if we give it the chance". Yehudi Menhuin.

"PALKO & Co" wishes to find the core in the music, free of trappings and superficial artist meetings, and reach a rtich mix of people in our audience. Literature, nature and experiences gastronomicos are also part of  PALKO & Co. We are especially thrilled for those who take the chance and dive into the world of chamber music for the first time! We believe music speaks for itself, and PALKO & Co requires no dress code and no concert rules!


“PALKO & Co” is  located at KULTURBRUK 44/4 on the island of Bru  (Rennesøy) in the community of «new» Stavanger. It’s a cultural landscape that extends from coast to coast, and with land that has been passed down through generations. The sky is high, the grass is good. The venue, an old restored barn of 300 square meters, has been rebuilt for concerts and conferences. PALKO & Co consists of two chamber music projects; "JUNE-HAPPENING" and "TOSPANN-CONCERT & MASTERCLASSES".

"Co" symbolises all the necessary involvements to create a common music experience, everyone from musicians, supportive family and friends, hosts, sponsors, audience. 

We invite musicians who wishes to experience together with the audience, and together with musician friends. 


Join us for one reason or another :)


Welcome to PALKO & Co!

Benedicte Palko, Artistic Director.

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Lovely Inger Lise and Magnus !!

Hosts and founders of KULTURBRUK 44/4.


Rarely do you feel so welcome as at Bru, as a musician, artist and audience. In environments that blend the everyday and the inexplicable, they foster that art and music can be a focal point, and create experiences that risk to do something with you as a human being... It's good to be on Bru!





Email: palkocobru@gmail.com

Organisationnumber: 923 314 873

Bank account Sandnes Sparebank: 32600880585


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Wonderful sponsors believing in PALKO & Co: