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Slik gikk det meg da. Og slik går det meg nu

på min daglige regnbuejakt.

Den viker som før. Og jeg burde vel snu?

Nei, vit at det kan hverken jeg eller du 

når vi først er i skjønnhetens makt.

André Bjerke: Fra "Regnbuen», 1946.



"PALKO & Co" is registered as a voluntary association. We will fund the association's activities through membership fees, public fundings, private sponsors, and ticket income. "PALKO & Co" starts off small, maybe we don't want to grow too much in size, but the content will be of the best brand.


All events in the project take place at KULTURBRUK 44/4 at Bru, in Rennesøy. And as is well-known for farm lifestyle, it requires both feeding, transport, reward and hard work before anything can be harvested. Here you can contribute by becoming an active Co-member of the FRIEND ASSOCIATION.




As a Packmember you give "PALKO & Co" the opportunity to build up a predictable economy in order to carry out various projects. The membership is valid for a calendar year. You can buy tickets before they go on public sale, plus receive a 15% reduction in the price of concerts organized by PALKO & Co. You will receive information about projects, concerts and master classes once in a while, and not least we wish for our members to contribute to a stable and warm audience!




  • Palko-Pack: kr. 250,- (per person)

  • Palko-Milkmaid or Palko-Farmer: Donation of kr. 1.000,- (per person)

  • Palko-"Big-farmer": Amount above kr. 4.000,- 

       (*Sponsorbenefits to be agreed individually)




If you want to join our pack, you need to the following:

1: Fill out the form here.

2: Pay the quota* via bank transfer. Mark the transfer with your name.

PALKO & Co Account number: Sandnes Sparebank 32600880585

PALKO & Co Organization number: 923 314 873

* The quota is valid for one calendar year.



"Co" represents everyone involved to have a shared music experience, from musicians, family and friends to hosts, sponsors, audiences. "PALKO & Co" will invite musicians who want to share the music with the audience, and with each other.


PALKO & Co will create musical experiences that touch and make a difference. We want to present both Norwegian and international musicians who "take the time" to be present in what is happening, and who are able to convey what exists between the notes which makes art inexplicable. PALKO & Co will work to create a meeting place for performers regardless of age and nationality. We invite an audience without any prior knowledge of classical music. Literature, gastronomic experiences and other activities will also be part of PALKO & Co.


Real music needs time. Time to develop, time to deepen, time to communicate and time to build trust. PALKO & Co is chasing the great music experiences through close contact between performers and the audience. The live chamber music creates unique, musical moments between musicians, the audience and the surroundings.


PALKO & Co is located on the island of Bru in Ryfylke. You can easily access both from the Stavanger region in the south and the islands further north. For those who want to form part as audience, and such an invaluable "Co", you only need to want to listen and experience.


The project is made for you!

Regarding ticketsale and logistics:

Organisation number: 923 314 873
Banc account Sandnes Sparebank: 32600880585


Our sponsors believing in PALKO & Co:

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